Case Study: Lighthouses upgrade Málaga Coast (Spain)

Published on Tuesday, 21 February of 2023


The Malaga coast has 6 emblematic lighthouses, whose equipment has just been renewed by MSM to adapt them to their current needs, thus optimizing their operation and management.

After a first prospection to check the status of this lighthouses network and plan the roadmap for the renovation, the MSM technical team travelled to the province of Malaga to carry out different actions, including renovations, supply and installation of equipment, and maintenance to complete a major project that has involved 6 lighthouses:

  • Punta Doncella Lighthouse in Estepona
  • Calaburras Lighthouse in Mijas
  • Marbella Lighthouse
  • Malaga Lighthouse “La Farola”
  • Torre del Mar Lighthouse in Vélez-Málaga
  • Torrox Lighthouse



In addition to the tasks that were carried out in each of these lighthouses according to their specific needs, a series of common works were executed for all sites:

Reprogramming of existing PLCs to manage the operation of the signal, alarm monitoring and remote control functions. Additionally, practical training on the operation of this software for aids to navigation technicians was provided.

Installation of GLOBAL NETCOM software, developed by MSM, a system for the monitoring and remote control of all lighthouses and beacons being part the AtoN network of the Port Authority of Malaga, including a training course for the use and management of the software.

Installation of CCTV cameras that can be used to remotely monitor the correct operation of the optic equipment through Global Netcom and also provide security against possible vandalism or criminal acts.

Installation of a UPS to cover power micro-outages and prevent problems caused by the different systems that depend on the electrical panel.

– Supply of a set of spare metal halide lamps.

Torre del Mar Lighthouse joins LED technology with the MLL1000 lamp

This lighthouse is located at the end of the Paseo Marítimo de Poniente of the Torre del Mar district. one of the most relevant actions was the installation of an LED lighting source for classic lighthouses: the MLL1000 LED lamp developed and patented by MSM. An innovative piece of equipment, based on a system that creates a virtual individual focal point, which has been installed within the classic optics of the lighthouse exactly on the focal point of the original optical system.

The most advanced technology bursts into the Torrox Lighthouse with our MFR model LED reflector light.

One of the main works carried out by MSM in this lighthouse was the installation of a new lighting system designed for this location: the MFR LED reflector light, made up of optical panels with high-intensity LED reflector elements arrayed in columns and equipped with electronic rotation motors without gears and brushes, and with a minimum friction adjustment and high precision rotational speed adjustment (less than 2%).

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