MSM solutions for Inland Waterways

The expertise of MSM in AtoN design and manufacturing has led us to commit innovation, technology, and sustainability to offer suitable solutions for inland waterways marking, ensuring a safe navigation:

Our unsinkable Elastomer Buoys combines a series of features that make them perfect for the buoyage of rivers, lakes, channels, estuaries, or any other inland waterways, as they can withstand strong impacts without breaking or deforming. These state-of-the-art buoys have been installed at the Panama Channel, where we supplied a set of EBM15F elastomer buoys with 1.5 m diameter and skirt tail.

MSM develops mooring systems specially designed for rivers, as the standard catenary mooring system developed according to the project requirements, or the elliptical mooring system, which provides a very reduced swinging radius and great stability.

The MCL360 self-contained lantern has a modular design available in 3 sizes, covering a wide spectrum of light ranges, from 4 NM to 11 real NM depending on the model. This lantern can integrate different monitoring and remote-control options (GSM, UHF, satellite and AIS), and it is equipped with connectivity system via Radio, which makes this lantern ideal for inland waterways, when there is a high concentration of remote stations thanks to message chaining.

Our Oceanography division offers measurement solutions to control the variations ​​of water levels, currents, and study other phenomena such as salinity in estuaries, as well as devices to control the environmental impact through pollutant measurements.

Polyethylene Buoy Floats are made from high-quality rotomoulded virgin polyethylene. Metallic buoy parts (superstructure and tail) made from hot-dip galvanized steel, and designed to provide a long service life under the harshest marine conditions.

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