MSM has a considerable experience in designing major optical and lighting equipment for major lighthouse stations. Our MFR is a modern Reflector Light for classical lighthouses, which uses LED lamps of the latest technology, able to reach up to 28 nautical miles.

It is made up of optical panels with LED reflector elements arrayed in one or two columns per panel depending on the configuration, with a redundant safety system as standby light.

The LED Reflector Light is completed with our MRM 160 double electronic, gearless and brushless revolving pedestals.

The MFR light strictly complies with all related IALA Recommendations.

Technical specifications

LED light source

With 100,000 hours average life time

Highest efficiency luminous system

Up to 28 nm (T=0.74), 42 nm (T=0.85)

Up to 10 nos. reflectors per panel

Configurations according to customer’s requirements

Redundant safety system as standby lantern, active or passive configuration
Speed setting accuracy


Electronic, gearless and brushless double motor
Automatic switch-over to standby motor

In case of main drive failure

Operation status and alarm control for both motors
Photocell-control or 24h-rotation selection
Status and alarms ready for remote monitoring and control

By opto-isolated signals and RS-232 serial port

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