Correct and regular maintenance of aids to navigation systems is a key to achieve their long service life.

Sometimes, the client entrusts us this service, in order to get an exhaustive status control of the different Aton stations, with a planned and established frequency, receiving performance briefings with graphic reports.

Buoys, beacons, lighthouses, PEL lights and AIS systems, among others, constitute a whole network of maritime navigation aids along the coasts whose purpose is to signal the most appropriate ship route and the potential dangers for vessels to reach their destination.


We offer service solutions for the improvement and conservation of the AtoN:

  • Periodic reviews.
  • Inspection works.
  • Beaconing studies.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Withdrawal of AtoNs out of service.
  • Parts replacement.
  • Construction and assembly.
  • Waste management.
  • Commissioning.
  • Technical and graphic reports.

What is MSM’s commitment to the Ports?

Our commitment is to solve any technical requirement in a short period of time. While for those breakdowns that may last more than 24 hours, we carry out provisional installations that allow the restitution of the usual AtoN signal for a reserve light during the period, guaranteeing the operability of the marine signal at all times.

Innovative solutions for daily maintenance

Contac us

Other Services


We carry out training programs specific to very diverse topics such as the latest developments in the recommendations and Guidelines of the IALA, beaconing projects, calculations, optical measurements, etc…

Rental equipment

MSM offers its customers the possibility of renting a great variety of products such as buoys and marine lanterns.

Installation and Supervision

In the navigation aids market, in addition to the supply of equipment, our customers can request the installation and commissioning service of the equipment.

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