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Dear Friends:

The need of communications by sea, safe transport of people and goods, makes that navigation has become an international industry. Many nations consider necessary to regulate and manage navigation, therefore maritime marking infrastructures represent a priority for governments.


MSM,corporate consolidated project that we undertook in 2006, is focused on the world of Marine Aids to Navigation.

MSM,corporate consolidated project that we undertook in 2006, is focused on the world of Marine Aids to Navigation: design, manufacture, supply and installation of all kinds of navaids equipments, the required accessories for its correct operation, as well as its marketing, training and maintenance services, are our offer to the market. These equipments guide and provide valuable information to navigators on their approach to the coast and access to waterways and ports, especially when weather conditions are harshly adverse.

MSM is born as a strong professional challenge of four co-workers with more than sixteen years of expertise in this sector, which made us face this project with a serious guarantee of success. That long period of time selling, designing and installing aids-to-navigation equipments has allowed us to take to a satisfactory conclusion every kind of project in this new stage; from the smallest one, such as installing a single light, to conclude large-scale international contracts, from their initial phase until its completion with the commissioning of the equipment and training courses for the maintenance staff. These projects have been managed and carried out at the customers’ total satisfaction, and strictly complying with current IALA-AISM Recommendations (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities).

MSMThe wide knowledge that we have in this field, as well as our extensive know-how have been, and are, our main asset. The environment where this sector evolves, the sea, and the charming contained in some historic lighthouses raise in the members of this adventure a true vocation and a great enthusiasm for this activity.

Nowadays, there are very few companies in the market able to offer the complete range of visual AtoN equipment; we feel proud to be one of them.

The design of optical and electronic equipment employing the latest technologies and materials, a strict quality control and a constant innovation make our products highly attractive for our potential customers, both in national and international markets.

The axis of our communication is our message: “LET’S OPEN NEW WAYS ON THE SEA”. Our lighthouses and equipments installed throughout the world are impregnated with our design, quality and dedication. They wear the personal print of MSM.

We would like to share this Website with our customers and collaborators, without whose support and trust this project would not be possible.