An attractive section of our customer service is the Training, either as part of the implementation of a specific contractor because the client requests it tous.

In MSM we conduct custom-made Training Programs on multiple subjects; from information on the latest developments in IALA Recommendations and Guidelines, beaconing projects, definition of each type of aid to navigation and related calculations (luminous range, leading lights, floating aids and moorings, power supply systems, etc.), optical measurements, the evolution of the technology applied in the fields of Optics and Electronics,…, up to Remote Control and Monitoring Systems, AIS systems and VTS Systems.

In order to meet customer needs at all times, MSM organize Technical Journeys with active participation of customers, where exchanges of interesting ideas occur for future applications.

Courses with MSM Certification 

At MSM we carry out customized Training Programs.

Other services

Rental equipment

MSM offers its customers the possibility of renting a great variety of products such as buoys and marine lanterns.

Bathymetric studies and Technical Advice

Complete engineering study and technical advice. We have a specialized beacon consulting cabinet.

After Sales Service

Essential to establishing and maintaining mutual trust.


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