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DAIS is an AIS Data Decoder software developed by MSM for AIS-Aton system users. A simple, practical, and intuitive tool focused on displaying the specific messages type transmitted by AIS-Aton devices, excluding from the decoding registration the data messages transmitted by ships.

DAIS is fully focused on the reception and decoding of Messages 21, 6 (GLA), 6 (MSM) and 8, so that messages transmitted by Class A and B transponders or ships are not registered and decoded. The implementation of this type-messages filter streamlines the data-checking process as well as simplifies the data visualization to guarantee a reliable and easy monitoring of the Aton status.

Highlights / Features

User-friendly interface

DAIS has simplified and intuitive interface, so you can be fully focused on the AIS-Aton messages you are interested in.

Real-time AtoN Data (RS232 – IP/Port Connection) collection

DAIS register and decodes the NMEA data AIS sentences and Binary AIS messages in real-time.

3 ways to input data

Choose the most suitable connection type to your circumstances for receiving the data: Data input can be received directly via a RS232 serial connection, IP/Port Connection or importing data from a data file.

Message 6-MSM

DAIS decoder can also display an extended version of the Message 6: the Message 6-MSM, an specific message created by MSM to offer more detailed information about MSM AIS Aton installations.

Only the most relevant AIS messages are displayed in detail

DAIS shows 4 specific AIS messages: Message 6, Message 6-MSM, Message 8 and Message 21.

Message Searching Filter

Make your messages research easier by filtering the type of message that you want to display

DAIS as a troubleshooting tool

An intuitive AIS Decoder is a perfect and reliable tool for fault detection and solving, data analysis and research.

Control Keys included

Manage the decoding actions: start the decoding process, delete the content from the decoded data tables or export the decoded messages thanks to the intuitive control keys.

Designed according to IMO, ITU, IEC and IALA Recommendations.




Connect your computer to your AIS receiver.

Start receiving decoded data.

Check your AIS-Aton messages.

Export decoded sentences to a new text file.

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