The Port of the Bay of Cádiz has a new leading line system designed by MSM.

Published on Tuesday, 18 October of 2022

MSM technicians have recently installed a new leading line system in the Free Trade Zone of the Bay of Cadiz port area. This leading line system, made up of a model MPM120 pole, a MEL250HI high-definition sector light and a power supply system, will guide maritime traffic to the Free Zone dock access thanks to the color of the sectors.

With 12 meters high, the model MPM120 pole is made of 304 stainless steel, and it is equipped with a platform, a support for the leading sector light and a power supply system made up of a battery with its enclosure, a solar panel and a regulator. This power system will supply energy to the MEL250HI high definition sectorized light, which has a day range of 2 NM and a night range up to 17NM, also having a horizontal divergence of 15º.

This equipment manufactured by MSM will guarantee a safe navigation in the port area of ​​the Bay of Cádiz.

Look at the summary of the installation process:

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