The MEL250L Port Entry Light (PEL) is a sector leading light of high resolution between its colour sectors, made up of a LED light source, providing a day range of up to 2 nm and a nominal night range of 17 nm.


The main advantage of this beacon is its accuracy between its colour sector boundaries (<0.07°). Light emission generates an unidirectional beam in three colours, with a horizontal divergence of up to 15°. Colour sector configuration is expressly done for every case. The use of high intensity LED diodes ensures minimum consumption, maintenance free.

The MEL250L light is designed according to IALA Recommendations and Guidelines, providing complete information to the navigator on their positioning in the leading channel.

Technical specifications

State-of-the-art LED technology.
High-efficiency luminous system and minimum consumption

Stabilised against vibrations

Day range

Up to 2 nm

Nominal night range

Up to 17 nm (T=0.74)

Maximum beam width

Up to 15º

Average operation lifetime

Over 25 years

Stainless-steel and marine-aluminium housing

With polyurethane finishing

Double RS-232 serial port for setting adjustments

By PC and remote monitoring system

Programming, configuration and operating status

Via PC

Anti-humidity device to avoid condensation
High shock resistance

Explanatory video

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