The Philippine Coast Guard receives and installed our PBM25 buoys and MCL250 lanterns for the Philippine Rise

Published on Wednesday, 12 May of 2021

Both our PBM25 buoys and our MCL250 lanterns are already in the Philippines, to be part of the marking of the Philippine Rise, also known as Benham Rise, an underwater region located 250 km east of the Philippines, which has a rich biodiversity.

Our M-NAV Solutions partners have been in charge of receiving and finishing the assembly of this equipment together with the PCG Maritime Safety Services Command in the shipyards of Uni-Orient Pearl Ventures Inc.

Before starting the installation works, all the equipment has been checked by the Philippine Coast Guard and led by Admiral Ursabia. Also, prior to their installation at different strategic points, a study will be carried out using an underwater drone to confirm whether the conditions of the seabed are adequate for the location of the buoys without them disturbing the ecosystem, thus ensuring the protection of the corals formations.

Thus, our PBM25 polyethylene buoys and our MCL250 self-contained LED lanterns will integrate a complete aids to navigation equipment, which will also have a data transmission system, guaranteeing a safe navigation in this area and the conservation of its marine ecosystem.


Philippine Television GMA News TV

brings us some images of the buoys and lanterns inspection carried out by the Philippine Coast Guard, before being installed in the Philippine Rise area, a report where they have also interviewed our colleagues from M-NAV Solutions.

The Philippine media

has echoed the arrival of our PBM buoys and our MLC250 LED compact lanterns

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