The MTA unit is an AIS AtoN transponder device housed in a IP 67 watertight box, providing automatic information on the GPS position of the marine aid to navigation (AtoN); thus making easy the location and identification of buoys, beacons and lighthouses on a vessel or an AIS Base Station chart.

This unit is designed to be connected to any beacon of the market with a serial port and NMEA 0183 protocol, thus transmitting operating status data.

Thanks to its minimum energy consumption, those devices can be integrated in buoys and on-shore lanterns.

The MTA unit complies with IMO, IEC, ITU and IALA Standards.

Technical specifications

Broadcasting of aids-to-navigation (AtoN) identification data on Message 21

As well as basic data and operating status

Ideal for remote monitoring and control unit to NMEA 0183 protocol lanterns

Providing alarms and status on Message 6

Manufactured according to IEC AIS Aids to Navigation Standards

IEC 62320-2
IEC 60945
IEC 61108-1
IEC 61162-1/2
ITU-R M.1371-4
IALA A-126

Minimum energy consumption

<0.1 Ah/day, Type 1

Two versions are available:

MTA-1: Type 1, transmitter only
MTA-3: Type 3, transmitter-receiver

Capability of generating virtual and synthetic navaids (AtoN)

And also repeater function


Via software under Windows environment and commands via VDL radio

Position alarm generator by chain breaking

Only buoys

Remote Monitoring Centre Software

Via AIS available

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