MSM develops a maritime traffic light that will manage the traffic of the Marina Vela entrance of the Port of Barcelona

Published on Friday, 06 November of 2020

The access channels to a port involves a high traffic environment that can compromise the safety of navigation, hence the importance of maritime traffic control systems such as MSM port traffic lights. These equipment manage the entry and exit of vessels, in such a way that there are no traffic crossings, thus minimizing and even eliminating the risk of collision.

The Barcelona Port Authority has relied on MSM to develop a maritime traffic light to control the traffic at the entrance to the Marina Vela of the Port of Barcelona. According to the requirements established by the customer, we have supplied a traffic light consisting of three LED emitters, red in color and wide angle aperture, integrated in a black stainless steel housing, and with a minimum range of 0.2 nautical miles by night and day.

On the other hand, this traffic light can be managed remotely from the Control Tower of the Port of Barcelona, ​​and it has a redundant communication channel as well as a local programmer that allows the traffic light to be activated manually.

In short, this port traffic light will provide higher security and control at the entrances of the Port of Barcelona.

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