Mohammedia harbour buoyage project is fully implemented

Published on Saturday, 11 December of 2021

The Mohammedia harbour buoyage project is now fully implemented.

In the first part of the project, we installed a set of high visibility buoys model RBM25HV with their corresponding beacons. In the second part of the project, our team completed this beaconing system with the installation of a series of towers model MTI, on which were installed flashing beacons model MBL160 and MBL400S, autonomous lights model MCL180 and directional lights model MRL43.

In addition, the project ended with a training session on our Global Netcom software, a tool designed for the remote monitoring and control of beacons, lights and buoys.

We are very pleased to contribute with this project to the maritime safety of the port of Mohammedia in Morocco.

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