It is the 40th Anniversary of the Maritime Buoyage System! Request your poster...

Published on Thursday, 15 October of 2020

From MSM we want to congratulate the MBS since this coming November turns 40.

The MBS began to be introduced in 1977 with A System, but it was not until 3 years later when the rules for B System were finalized.

Since then, the Maritime Buoying System, in addition of other types of Navigation Aids included in 2010, has guided us in favor of maritime safety, helping navigators from anywhere in the world to establish their position and avoid dangers across the board and without any possibility of confusion.

At MSM we want to pay a small tribute by distributing to the customers, who require it, one MBS poster to have it always displayed, you just need to request it at this link and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

Likewise, our CEO and Optics Department manager, Fernando Romero, after more than 16 years participating in ENG committees, has shared with us this image that few will recognize: a magnet of the 25th anniversary of MBS, the invaluable contribution of a person who keep on being a mentor, Jillian Carson-Jackson.

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