Webinar: Self-Contained Solar Systems on AtoN Equipment

This webinar will provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand self-contained solar systems, especially those integrated in self-contained beacons, and will introduce you to some key aspects to consider when implementing them in your Navigation Aids network. It will also prepare you to use the tool provided by the IALA to perform the solar system sizing.


1) Introduction to IALA Guideline G1067.

2) Energy consumption in isolated AtoN: Continuous, daily and seasonal consumption.

3) Autonomous AtoN power sources: Solar energy and operational criteria.    

4) Energy storage in AtoN: Batteries and operational criteria

5) IALA Solar Sizing Tool (G1039): Explanation and training.

Case Study

Session June 15th

8 a.m UTC+2

Session June 17th

5 p.m UTC+2


Ignacio Rodriguez, MSM Founder & Technical Director

José Andrés, MSM Technical Product Manager

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