Webinar: Calculation of Intensities and Ranges

This webinar will provide you the necessary tools so you can design your AtoN lanterns’ requirements, covering the analysis of the needs and the selection of the equipment to be installed.


1) Introduction:

Our experts will explain basic concepts about light and how to measure it for a better understanding of the beacons’ world.

Have an understanding of terminology to manage the technical data sheet of products.

2) Luminous range Calculations:

Learn how to define the range that you need for your Aids to Navigation.

3) Intensities calculations and design factors:

All you need to know about the NEW GUIDELINE G1148 – Determination of required luminous intensity for AtoN lanterns.

4) Equipment selection:

Tips and details we should consider to choose a LED equipment from any manufacturer.

6) Questions and answers:

We solve your doubts so that you can choose your equipment adequately.

Session 25th March

5 p.m UTC+1

Session 31st March

8 a.m UTC+2


Marina Baño, MSM Optical Department Manager

José Andrés, MSM Technical Product Manager

Cécile Zanette, Business Development Manager

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