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Seminar on Aids to Navigation in Oman

Published on Tuesday, 24 September of 2019

MSM has had the pleasure of participating in the Aids to Navigation Seminar celebrated in Oman by our Agent Ali Al-Aufy.

The seminar was celebrated at the Hotel “Al Murooj Grand Hotel” in Muscat and was attended by important people from both the private and government sectors.

We had the opportunity to talk about the advantages of elastomer buoys and MSM ability to adapt their equipment to customer requirements.

An important point of the presentation was our oceanographic buoy, the characteristics, the sensors and the great variety of data that it can collect, all this together with the capacity to install it in high sea and its resistance to adverse climates.

We can’t wait to visit such a beautiful country again, see you soon Oman.

Photos by Rabih Al-Aufy.

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