VTSNet is MSM’s solution for the monitoring of vessels for any organisation that needs to monitor maritime traffic in its waters.

VTSNet provides a complete AIS interface that includes the possibility to display and track all vessels, show specific information on the ships, send and receive text messages related to safety and monitor real and virtual Aids to Navigation (AtoN).

VTSNet is totally configurable and can be used in several ways to satisfy the safety needs of any organisation.

VTSNet is ideal for security operations and monitoring of vessels since it includes features such as the configuration of areas and settings of entry and exit alerts, filtering ships of interest, etc. Operators can also play the recorded data selecting the date and start and end times.

Technical specifications

WEB-based application
Monitoring and identification of ships or other navigation objects
Manual and automatic target identification and acquisition
Configuration of polygonal and circular areas and pathways
Setting of rules associated to

Exclusion zones, inclusion zones or crossing of pathways.

Target filtering based on

MMSI No., IMO No., name, speed, draft, etc

Supports text messages related to safety

Targeted as well as broadcast (12 or 14)

Configuration of management alarms

Including sensor alarms as well as navigation alarms

Presentation of dynamic and static AIS data

Monitoring of real AIS AtoN and creation of virtual and synthetic AIS AtoN

Possibility of recording and playing stored data for administrative purposes and analysis of incidents
Creation of predefined views by the user

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