Steca Solarix MPPT are solar charge controllers with maximum power point tracking. These are suitable for all common module technologies and are optimally suited for solar systems with module voltages higher than the battery voltage.

They are especially suitable in locations where it is very important to maximasing the efficiency of the installed solar power, or in combination with large solar panels that are normally designed to work on the grid. Steca‘s efficient MPP tracking algorithm always provides the maximum usable power of the module.

Additionally, these controllers provide a maximum battery durability, thanks to smart charge/ discharge management and their remarkable protection features. The MPPT Steca Solarix Controllers have an intuitive LCD screen with menu guidance and push buttons.

Technical specifications

Maximum power point tracking


Push buttons and LCD screen integrated

Allowing the visualization of operating parameters and alarms

Voltage and current automatic regulation
Overtemperature compensation functions
Protections against overcharge, deep discharge, reverse polarity, short circuit, etc.
LED functional display with operating states, state of charge and fault messages

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