SPM photovoltaic modules are composed by high-efficiency monocrystalline cells and high sensibility to the light in the whole solar spectrum.

Encapsulation of cells is made between a high-transmission tempered glass layer. The encapsulant cover the photovoltaic cells inside the sheets, protecting from exterior. Texturization applied to the glass allows a maximum concentration and diffusion of the light in the cells.

This allows to guarantee a better performance, energy, and operating capacity, even with low solar levels. Back layer of ethylene vinyl acetate, with triple back blades layer, contributes to a better protection of the module and the electric contacts against climate agents’ actions, as humidity and saline environment.

Technical specifications

It uses an anodized transparent and reinforced aluminium frame

Highly resistant to marine conditions

Composed by 36 to 72 polycristalline cells
Isotropic texturization and antireflecting coating
IP 65 watertightness degree

The modules are totally sealed to prevent water ingress

High performance

Even under low sunlight levels

Maximum concentration and diffusion of light on the solar cells
High-transmission tempered glass
Cell protection through EVA encapsulation.
Work temperature

From -40ºC to 85°C

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