SCU Solar Control Unit is an ideal device for its use in Aids to Navigation solar installations of medium size or any other system.

SCU provides a total overvoltage, overcharge and deep discharge protection of batteries, and also protects installation by interconnecting solar modules, battery and charge.

The SCU unit integrates a precision meter, which checks the battery state of charge.

It is equipped with protection devices against lightning, surge and short-circuit protection of the installation.

Technical specifications

Charge controller
This controller is responsible for controlling the battery charging by using the solar power system The drive has an up to 60 Amp capacity of current of the photovoltaic array (FV) to 12, 24 or 48V


Discharge controller


This controller has the function of controlling the discharge of the battery, cutting the consumption current if the battery voltage is too low It prevents damages of the battery by over-discharges


Battery display


LCD display allows to show the state of battery


Battery voltage (V) Charge and discharge current (A) Amp-hour counter (Ah) Battery state of charge (%)



PC connection to download historic data
Overvoltage protection


Located at solar module inputs to protect installation against transient overvoltage caused by storms


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