SMART SOLAR charge controllers are conceived to maximise solar panels efficiency, in high performance applications or when solar generation is limited. Especially in case of low-light conditions, MPPT controller will improve energy harvest by up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers.

Also, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth, it is possible to set up, monitor and update the controller with a smartphone.

The Battery Life algorithm monitors continuously the state of charge of the battery and modulates the load disconnect level maximasing the battery lifespan.

Technical specifications

Charge controller:

– This controller manages the battery charge by the solar power supply

– This controller has a capacity up to 290 W photovoltaic (PV) power in 12 or 24 V

– El regulador tiene una capacidad de hasta 290W de potencia fotovoltaica (FV) a 12 o 24V

Discharge controller:

This controller has the function of supervise the discharge of the battery, regulating in a smart way the discharge, which maximize the lifetime of the battery

Battery display:

– The App and Bluetooth connection allows the monitoring of every parameter of the system:

· Battery voltage (V)
· Charge and discharge current (A)
· Amp hour meter (Ah)
· Battery charge status (%)
· Historical data

Overvoltages protection:

Protection over solar module inputs to protect the installation against transient overvoltages due to lighting storms.

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