The RBM4 is a latest-generation (frequency-agile) Radar Beacon, which works in the marine X and S radar bands, providing an important information to mariners under whatever meteorological conditions

The RBM4 incorporates advanced electronic technology components of radar systems, applied to navigation aids, such as programmable logic and flexible circuit antenna assemblies.

The Racon actively answers all active radars in the vicinity with a user programmed Morse code which identifies its location by appearing on the radar display.

Designed according to IALA Recommendations and IMO Standards.

Technical specifications

Response on X and S bands
Advanced Side-Lobe Suppression system (SLS)

To better discriminate the genuine pulses to be responded

The length of the Morse code response matches the display range setting by programming the duration of the answer according to the pulse length before installation
Transmitter power

1 W in both bands

Configurable receiver sensitivity
Automatic response length
RS-232 communication serial port
Configuration via PC or APP Android (Tablet & Mobile)
Wide power supply range
Low power consumption
Light weight
Transient over-voltage and reverse polarity protections
Maintenance free

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