Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas has a wide range of photocells available for marine aids to navigation, which can be adapted to many flashing or rotating beacons to control their switching-on.

These devices are photoelectric cells that act as daylight control sensors, allowing the equipment switching to day or night status.

MSM photocells are one more complement to the proper operation of our beacons. They are also compatible with a good number of other beacons in the market.

Thanks to its encapsulation, they are highly resistant to the harshest marine conditions of humidity and salinity.

Technical specifications

Wide range of models compatible with a good number of beacons
Sensor by LDR photoresistance or photodiode

Depending on the model

Sensor encapsulated in resin for maximum protection
High sensitivity to low lighting levels
Long life
Sensitivity adjustment in lux in MF flashers


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