PBM 08

These buoys have been especially designed to be used during work periods, danger marking, emergency buoys or in shallow waters. They are manufactured from high-quality rotomoulded virgin polyethylene in one piece. Polyethylene includes the necessary pigment that provides the colour.

UV filters guarantee a stable colour protection during its whole service life. Reinforcements are included from the floating line to the mooring eye.

They are supplied with their corresponding ballast weight and filled with closed-cell expanded polyurethane foam.

Technical specifications

High-shock resistant rotomoulded polyethylene float

10mm thickness

Float filled with closed-cell expanded polyurethane foam inside
Ballast weight integrated for a greater stability
Metallic parts from marine aluminium
Colour impregnated in the polyethylene
Chromaticity according to IALA Recommendations
UV protection
Compatible with a large variety of self-contained lanterns
Day marks as an option, to increase buoy conspicuity at daytime
Internal passive radar reflector

Of 2 m² RCS, as an option

Minimum maintenance
Designed according to IALA Recommendations
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