MTU Remote Control Unit is a universal device, able to send status and alarm signals coming from any kind of beacon, either rotating or flashing one, without need to install any additional sensors or inner modification. Remote control can be also made to the beacon or peripheral devices. The system of sending and receiving remote signals is via SMS, GPRS, IRIDIUM or radio.

Users can be mobile phones, e-mail addresses or control centres. Signals and alarms can be transmitted to up to 10 configurable users, depending on communication mode.

Therefore, the system ideal complement is the GLOBAL NETCOM Remote Monitoring Centre, in order to process and manage all the information exchanged.

Technical specifications

GSM/GPRS or radio communication modules, or bidirectional satellite communication module


Power connectors and quick connexion control
Status and alarms sending
Remote programming
System protection

By access codes and authorized user passwords

Able to receive beacon test commands
Alarm detection on beacon operation, power system operation and mooring chain breaking in buoys
Low operation cost
Two versions available

Solar charge reading up to 15 A
Solar charge reading up to 100 A (by external sensor)

Its ideal complement is the GLOBAL NETCOM Remote Monitoring Centre

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