MTF 3000

The MTF 3000 control unit has been especially designed to manage lighting and rotating lighthouse systems. Based on a programmable logic controller, fitted with all necessary elements for a complete operation. Its universal construction provides an easy adaptation to any type of existing lighthouse system.

Its digital screen informs about the operation status and possible alarms, with manual operation selectors. Inputs and outputs allow their connexion to a Remote Monitoring System. Optionally, a modem can be incorporated to transmit data to a Control Centre.

Technical specifications

Compatible with rotating and flashing lighthouses and beacons, with lamps and LEDs
Control and management of lampchangers and rotating motors, both a.c. and d.c.
Automatic activation by external photocell

Main lamp to standby lamp switch-over in case of failure, making the same function from main motor to standby one when necessary

Emergency beacon activation in case of main system failure
Manual operation selectors
Digital touch screen that provides information on status, alarms and analogical values of voltages and currents
Rotation alarm detection for lighthouses by magnetic rotation sensor
Motor and lamp thermal protection against short-circuits


Protections against reverse polarity and atmospheric oversurges



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