Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas has a long experience in designing lighting, rotating and monitoring equipment for major lighthouses. The ideal support for a major lighthouse optic is one of our MRM revolving pedestals. These motors are double, electronic, gearless and brushless.

The MRM motors are engineered to automate historic lighthouses, able to replace old drive machines and keep the valuable glass lens. MRM 160 or MRM 1200 can be chosen depending on the lens weight.

The MRM support is tailor-made according to the lens height and the height from the lanternhouse inner base to the focal centre.

Technical specifications

High reliability and availability
Electronic, gearless and brushless double motors
One only slow-moving assembly

Shaft, rotor and rotating plate

Automatic switch-over to standby motor in case of main drive failure
Precise balanced array

Minimum friction

Good accessibility for maintenance and easy part replacement
Field-adjustable rotating speed

From 1 to 6 rpm

Speed setting accuracy


MRM 160 suits to optics

Of up to 160 Kg

MRM 1200 suits to optics

Of up to 1,200 Kg

MMC 160 provides fully automatic operation
Microprocessor based circuit

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