MRF Remote Control Unit is a universal device designed for AtoN remote monitoring, especially for long-range beacons and major lighthouses.

It has multiple digital and analogical inputs and outputs, opto-coupled which may be timed and adjusted at different levels by a configuration software; as well as to configure their logic, being easily adapted to any control system installed into a lighthouse or beacon.

The unit uses different communication modems, depending on the way selected: GSM, radio, AIS, satellite, IP, microwaves, fibre optic, etc.

Although its ideal complement is the NETCOM Remote Monitoring Centre, the communication protocol used is free, in such a way that it is very easy to send the information to any existing platform.

Technical specifications

Compatible with lighthouses and rotating beacons

With lamps and LEDs

Monitoring of solar power supply systems, diesel generators, etc
Direct current measurement for solar charging

Up to 15A, or up to 100A with external Hall sensors

Rotation alarm detection for lighthouses through a magnetic rotation sensor
Power supply

12 or 24V d.c.

Analogical inputs by voltage or current, with configurable alarm threshold detection

Current measurement up to 100A

Modules available as an option


Configuration and testing software

For PC, and remote programming

Reverse-polarity and atmospheric over-surge protections
Configurable sleep mode available in order to save energy
Redundant communications available with several modems and different technologies

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