The MMB02/MMB03 daughter board is a universal device especially designed for aids-to-navigation equipment monitoring, in particular lighthouses and beacons. Due its versatility, it is ideal for offshore platforms, since all the aids to navigation can be controlled by it.

It allows external beacon monitoring and also conversion to Standard IEC protocol, to be connected to an AIS AtoN unit.

Fitted with 6 nos. RS-232 serial ports for data acquisition, other equipment interface and programming. Besides, this device can be connected to any communication means (GSM-GPRS, radio, satellite, IP broadband, microwaves technology, optical fibre, etc.). Additionally, it includes a RS-485 serial port to connect all type of sensors, analogical or digital, in order to obtain meteorologic or oceanographic data.

Designed taking into account a low power consumption, for the use of solar modules.

Technical specifications

Large number of digital and analogical inputs and outputs
Equipment controlled by last generation microprocessor

With CMOS of 32-bit technology, which allows data transmission in real time

E2PROM memory

For all parameters of configuration

Input and output signals protected

Through an optocoupled collector.

Daily average power consumption of

25mA at 12V

6 nos. RS-232 serial ports and a RS-485 serial port
A configurable “sleep” mode is available

To save energy

PC programming software

For timing and parameter editing

Firmware able to be updated in site
Protected against reverse-polarity and atmospheric surges
Housed in a support with DIN rail fixation

Which allows to be replaced very easily and fast

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