Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas, with their MLED LINE 600 model, offers the best option for linear lighting seafront promenade and cliffs without need of power network. With an average operation lifetime over than 100,000 hours maintenance free, recyclable to 95%, non-polluting neither toxic gases. In addition, thanks to the LED lighting, it is possible to save up to 70% on the electricity supply bill.

This LED Street lamp provides an instant-on, dedicating all the consumed energy to the creation of light.

MLED LINE 600 offers the best ratio quality/price of the LED street lighting product range on the market. Manufactured with highest resistant materials against marine environment.

Technical specifications

Linear lighting, with asymmetrical light beam up to 60 meters length
Minimum consumption and maximum performance
Excellent uniformity of the luminous beam
Energy optimization

Efficiency up to 100 Lm/W

Several power available

From 350 mA to 1,400 mA

Intensity regulator as an option
Completely IP 67 sealed
Lightness, solidity and high resistance to marine environment
UV resistant
Customizable product

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