The MLC02 automatic 2-position lampchangers are suitable for rotating beacons and major lighthouses. Especially engineered for all type of lamps and sockets, including big-size lamps.

Designed to work under harsh marine conditions with high-corrosion level, ensuring a correct and nonstop operation of marine aids to navigation.

With capacity for 2 lamps, either halogen or metal halide, it fits perfectly in both rotating and flashing lighthouses, with 3,000 W maximum lamp power.

Technical specifications

Adaptable to rotating and horizon lighthouses

With 3,000 W lamp power

Accurate lamp focusing

Reversible motor drive

Contact-free and brushless operation
Wide range of lamps sockets and lampholders

(Gx9.5, G12, G21, G22, E40, etc.)

Thermal protection of wires from damages due to sun light
Anodized marine aluminium turret and arms
Stainless-steel base
Stainless-steel hardware
Two versions available

Depending on the power required

High resistance to marine corrosion
Lamp-status detecting photocell

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