MFUHF circuits are small and compact remote control devices, fitted inside our LED lanterns. The sending and receiving remote control signals is done through UHF frequency radio messages, on free-band.

It is ideal when there is a high concentration of medium-distance remote stations, as for example port entrance channels, bays, river beaconing, etc.

Signals and alarms are transmitted to the control centre. Therefore, the ideal complement to the system is the NETCOM Remote Monitoring Control Centre, in order to process and manage all the information exchanged.

Its modular construction allows its installation subsequently to the purchase of a MSM lantern.

Technical specifications

Ideal to remote monitoring and control of MCL and MBL lanterns
Communication by ICM free-band radio to a control centre
Positioning and swinging radius on buoys

When including MFGPS module

Configuration is made by PC and RS-232 cable, using a free software

It can also be remotely settled through radio

A configurable sleep mode is available in order to save energy, but maintaining the transmission of messages at real time
No operation cost
Minimum energy consumption
Free-communication protocols

Wwhich allows the user to utilise his own control centre or use them for any other application needed

“Vigilantic” system available
Its ideal complement is the GLOBAL NETCOM Remote Monitoring Centre

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