The MDL are long-range LED leading lights, especially designed to mark port approaching and entrance channels. They are normally used in traditional leading stations of two lights, in both day and night modes.


The MDL light produces an unidirectional beam with a horizontal divergence of 10°. Its luminous source, consisting of high-power LEDs of 100,000 hours average life, makes it a maintenance-free beacon.

Manufactured with high quality and resistant materials, the MDL provides a long service life under severe marine conditions.

This lantern strictly complies with IALA Recommendations.

Technical specifications

State-of-the-art LED technology
Day range

Up to 4 nm

Nominal night range

Up to 21 nm (T=0.74)

Maximum total LED power

27 W

Horizontal divergence

10º (50% Io), other divergences available under request

Vertical divergence

Up to 2º (50% Io)

High-accuracy optical system

Stabilised against vibrations

Average operation lifetime

Over 25 years

Stainless-steel housing

With outer polyurethane finishing

Rectangular, high-resistance glass lens cover
100% humidity resistant
Double RS-232 serial port for setting adjustments

By PC and remote monitoring system

Maintenance free

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