2 – 5 NM

The MCL100 is a mini LED marine lantern, solar self-contained, which uses one only high-power LED, giving a nominal range up to 5 nautical miles. 


It is characterized by its excellent optical system performance, minimizing consumption and offering a large autonomy.

Ideal for short-range beaconing applications, on-and off-shore, requiring a low consumption, such as jetties, piers, buoys, fish farms, etc.

The battery is replaceable, thus the complete lantern disposal is not necessary at the end of battery’s life. Standard fixings allow for a quick lantern replacement.

Designed according to IALA Recommendations.

Technical specifications

Great performance of your optical system

High-efficiency luminous system

Up to 5 nm (T=0.74), 7 nm (T=0.85).

Vertical divergence

Up to 15º (50% IO )

360º horizontal output
Average operation lifetime

Over 10 years

The battery can be easily replaced
IP 68 watertightness degree

Immersion resistant

High shock resistance
Anti-humidity device

In order to avoid condensation

Autonomy without solar charging

Up to 250 hours

Automatic energy management

According to solar radiation

Programming, configuration and operating status

Via PC, Bluetooth or IR programmer

GPS synchronization module

Included as standard

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