3 – 9 NM

The MBL120 is a LED marine flashing lantern of short range, with a great optical efficiency and low consumption, fitted with LED diodes of high intensity, reaching a maximum range of 9 nautical miles.


Ideal for on- and off-shore solar beaconing applications requiring a low consumption, such as channels, harbour entrances, jetties, piers, buoys, structures, fish farms, etc.

Its luminous source consists of an innovating lens system especially designed to take the maximum profit of LED diodes. Manufactured with high-quality and resistant materials, the MBL120 provides a long service life under harsh marine conditions.

Designed according to IALA Recommendations.

Technical specifications

State-of-the-art LED technology
High-efficiency luminous system

Up to 9 nm (T=0.74), 13 nm (T=0.85)

Vertical divergence

From 5º to 12º

Horizontal output


Average operation lifetime

Over 10 years

Internal photocell adjustable in lux
IP 68 watertightness degree

Immersion resistant

Linear adjustment of luminous intensity
Double RS-232 serial port for setting adjustments

By PC and remote monitoring system

Programming, configuration and operating status

Via PC or IR programmer as an option.

Short-circuit, reverse-polarity and transient over-voltage protections
Minimal maintenance

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