LEAD CRYSTAL® batteries are specially designed for stationary and cyclical applications.

These batteries are suitable for Aids to navigation, because they admit deep discharges, can be installed in any position, and do not emit gases, not being altered their operation when they are installed on buoys.

LEAD CRYSTAL® batteries offered by Mediterraneo Señales Marítimas S.L.L. are composed by lead and liquid acid plates Si02 as electrolyte which replace sulfuric acid in traditional lead acid batteries.

Thanks to the minimum discharge rate, these batteries provide a high storage autonomy, without need of charge in two years.

Technical specifications

Battery sealed with a new type of electrolyte

Si02 non-corrosive acid

Non-toxic technology

That ease the ions exchange and avoid humidity losses, sulphation of plates and loss of materials

Hermetic battery


It produces a combined reaction which do not allow hydrogen and oxygen leak and prevent spills

So it can be installed in any position except face down

Charge and discharge cycles higher than a liquid lead or gel battery

Allows between 2000 and 3100 effective cycles and up to 6400 cycles in 10% of discharge of the total capacity (compared to the traditional batteries which allows 300 and 400 cycles)

Extremely low discharge rate

It allows its storage without use up to 2 years, and still would be 80% of its nominal capacity

Sealed battery

Intrinsic characteristic of its crystal technology of not containing liquids or producing any kind of gases

Superior capacity of energy storage
Suitable use for stationary and cyclical applications

Covering maritime sector needs perfectly

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