The IR Programmer developed by Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas is an effective tool for the management and control of our beacon operation.

It allows to learn remotely without having to open the beacon all parameters of operating conditions and make a diagnosis of the battery charge status, excellent in the case of self-powered beacons.

Thanks to its powerful infrared LED, the IR Programmer can interact with the beacon from a great distance, making it ideal for lanterns installed on buoys, being able to communicate from a boat without having to climb over the buoy.

Technical specifications

Allows to program the beacon without opening it
Total management of the lantern by the client
Easy programming
Infrared range

Higher than 10 metres

Change of light rhythm
Internal operating battery

Consisting of 2 nos. AAA dry cells

Battery level testing function

At maximum LED power and according to emitting flashes, we shall learn the battery charge level of our beacon

Compatible with our MBL beacons series and MCL self-powered lanterns
Programming protected

By access code

Comfortable and friendly use
Complete user manual is delivered to the client

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