EBM 06/08

EBM 06/08 buoys are designed to be used in channels, ports and river waterways. They are reduced in size and weight, which makes them ideal for quick installation without the need of large-scale resources. They have a great visual appearance.

Their float of high elasticity and lightweight is manufactured with closed-cell polyethylene solid foam sheet (no water absorption) and projected with a layer of coloured polyurethane elastomer.

Thanks to its solid construction, they are virtually unsinkable, even against a strong impact. Besides, they can withstand repeated collisions without deforming.

Metallic parts (superstructure and tail) are made from hot-dip galvanized steel, and designed to a long service life under harsh marine conditions. They can be customized under client’s request, as well as to be made from stainless-steel or marine aluminium.

Technical specifications

Float from polyurethane elastomer
High shock resistance
Float manufactured with closed-cell polyethylene foam sheet (no water absorption)

Projected with a layer of coloured polyurethane elastomer

Hot-dip galvanized steel superstructure
UV- and corrosion-resistant polyurethane paint
Chromaticity according to IALA Recommendations
Stainless-steel hardware
Compatible with a large variety of self-contained lanterns
Passive radar reflector

Of 8 m² RCS

Manufactured with recyclable materials
Designed according to IALA Recommendations
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