The articulated buoys or pillar type of the ASBM series are especially indicated in those places where there is little draft and the borneo radius is limited by the scarcity of space in the boat transit area.

They are manufactured in a modular way to measure, given that the length of the tail and the size of the float depend strictly on the draft where it is anchored and the required focal height. It has a submerged float that guarantees its stability even in the worst conditions of waves and currents.

The reduced resistance that the buoy offers due to its special design, allows a maximum angle of heel of approx. 12° in operational conditions. They are designed for a long service life in severe marine conditions.

Technical specifications

Float made of ASTM 36 steel filled with closed cell polyurethane foam, which prevents the absorption of water.elleno de espuma expandida de poliuretano de célula cerrada, que evita la absorción de agua
Metallic parts (superstructure and glue) of steel resistant to the marine environment

Seam joint with high resistance Lira type shackle.

Chromaticity according to the IALA Recommendation
Access ladder to the basket located one meter from the float
Telescopic adjustment of the length of the glue according to the depth of the installation site
Top Platform with capacity to house a battery box and solar modules

Made of steel and constituting a great daytime brand

Support for the installation of lanterns
Passive radar reflector

Of 10 m2 RCS of tetrahedral shape

Minimum maintenance
Designed in accordance with the IALA Recommendations

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