MSM has just shipped 12 Polyethylene Buoys, model PBM25-S, to Manila. This is the second shipment of those buoys to the Philippines following a shipment of 7 units at the beginning of May thus completing the order for 19 buoys in total.

This model of buoy has been customized in order to meet the requirements of the end customer, the Philippine Coast Guard. It includes a 2.5m polyethylene float filled with high-density expanded polystyrene foam with a polyethylene superstructure of a focal height of 4.5m. Those buoys are equipped with our LED Marine Lantern, model MCL250-PS, fitted with an AIS Transponder Type 3. The order includes 7 Cardinal Marks and 12 Lateral Marks.

The 19 buoys will be installed and commissioned by our partner in the Philippines, M-NAV Solutions (

We hope to be able to share updates on the installation soon.