MSM Rotating Beacon Installation in the new Mojácar Lighthouse

Published on Saturday, 31 July of 2021

Mojácar has a new lighthouse!

The new Mojácar Lighthouse (Almería, Spain) is already brighting on the north of Moro Manco’s hill, a newly built lighthouse in the purest Mediterranean style that replaces the Garrucha Lighthouse, located in the heart of Mojácar.

The equipment of this unique lighthouse has been supplied by MSM: our long-range rotating beacon MBR900 is already operating as main beacon, with a two-position lamp changer, a redundant rotation system and its own control panel. While our MBL500LD sectorized flashing beacon model operates as an emergency beacon, also having its own control panel and a solar panel as well.

This new lighthouse certainly draws a picturesque new landscape in Mojácar respecting its surroundings and guaranteeing safe navigation along the Almería coastline.

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