MSM renews the leading light of El Puerto de Santa María with its MEL500L model

Published on Wednesday, 21 July of 2021

The MSM technical team traveled to El Puerto de Santa María to renew the leading light located in the entry channel of the port of this city located in the province of Cádiz.

The previous leading light, located on a tower at 14.4 meters above sea level on the left bank of the Guadalete River, has been replaced by a new equipment, the MEL500L model, which uses LED technology, thus ensuring a minimum consumption and practically free maintenance.

The MEL500L model is a sector leading light which is characterized by the high accuracy between its colour sectors boundaries. In addition, it provides a day range of up to 5 MN, and a nominal night range of 23 MN.

Thus, El Puerto de Santa María has now a leading light that, besides having a long lifespan, uses the latest technological advances in terms of LED lighting to offer the best navigation conditions to safely access to the port of this coastal town.

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