MSM provided a new light based on our MFR LED reflector in Southwold Lighthouse

Published on Wednesday, 04 October of 2017

Southwold Lighthouse is located in Suffolk on the South East coast of England. Inaugurated in 1890, this historical lighthouse has stood witness to the evolution of technology. Originally equipped with an oil lamp system, it was then modernized with electric lights with the lamps changing over the years from filament lamps to halogen lamps and metal halide lamps.  Those ended up being unreliable and a new solution was sought.

For that purpose, MSM provided a new light based on our MFR LED reflector (picture above – credit Tom Bright), custom-made according to the specifications given by Trinity House. Its light source is composed of high-efficiency acrylic reflectors with dioptric and catadioptric elements and high intensity LED diodes, with an average life of 100,000 hours.

This light is composed of six panels each containing eight LEDs set on two columns, connected in two groups of four with independent power supply providing a redundant safety system in case of failure. With a consumption of only 30W per panel, this MFR light provides 1,144,000 Cd of stationary intensity, with a luminous range of 25 n.m. of effective intensity rotating at 1 rpm, thanks to its double electronic gearless and brushless motor rotating at 1 rpm allowing the lighthouse to display its required flash character.

The system is completed by a control unit designed by MSM to allow remote control and monitoring of the lighthouse.

Credit Sarah Groves

Credit Sarah Groves

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