Published on Friday, 01 March of 2019

MSM’s Engineer Marc Martí, travelled to Malta for the installation of three long-range LED navigation beacons.

Our long-range rotating beacon, model MBR400L with high intensity LED technology has a range of up to 24 nm.

Its glass dome and marine aluminium are ideal for marine and weather conditions.

The maintenance of these beacons is minimal, which is very useful for this type of lighthouses with difficult access.

Fort St Elmo’s:

Our MBR400L beacon was placed on the top of Fort St. Elmo’s, a well-known Fort in Valletta, serving as a guiding beacon to incoming ships.

As a curiosity, our colleague Marc tells us that admiring this lighthouse during sunset is a magical moment, dominated by the ochre tones of the stone that combine dramatically with the intense blue of the Mediterranean Sea. It looks like a postcard.

Giordan Lighthouse:

Located on a hill above the village of Gnarsi on the northern coast of the Island of Gozo, stands the Giordan lighthouse, with a wonderful 360-degree panoramic view of the island. We have installed there one of our beacon MBR400L.

Delimara Lighthouse:

The Delimara lighthouse is located at the southernmost point of the island of Malta.

The project was divided into two phases. The first phase was the restoration of the lighthouse. The second phase was the upgrade of the light, where MSM has contributed with the supply and installation of our Beacon MBR400L, which has brought the old lighthouse into the twenty-first century.

February, 2019

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