MSM has developed a free new software for decoding AIS messages

Published on Wednesday, 24 March of 2021

dAIS is the new software developed by the MSM team for decoding AIS messages. Our commitment to innovation has come to the aids to navigation sector to simplify the process of registering and decoding AIS messages.

dAIS offers a practical, simple, and intuitive solution for all users of AIS-Aton systems, since it allows to streamline the search for specific AIS messages. For this, dAIS only registers and decodes the messages transmitted by the AIS-Aton devices: messages 6, 6-MSM, 8 and 21; excluding from the registration and decoding all those messages transmitted by the Class A and B transponders of the vessels.

This AIS-AtoN specific message filtering is standard, thus ensuring an agile, simple, and reliable monitoring through an intuitive interface.

Monitoring your AIS-Aton systems has never been so easy!

Download dAIS for free from our website and check it!

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