MSM has supplied 94 LED Flashing Beacons to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), which included:

  • 4 nos. Primary Lanterns in white colour with a range of 18 nm (T=0.74) for which we selected and manufactured our LED Marine Lantern, model MBL500-LD of three levels.
  • 90 nos. Secondary Lanterns in white, green and red colour, with a range of 15 nm (T=0.74), for which we selected and manufactured our LED Flashing Beacon, model MBL 400-LD of two levels (white) and of three levels (red and green).

Designed according to IALA Recommendations, those beacons use high-power LED diodes and high-precision lenses to provide the maximum luminous output optimizing the power consumption of the lanterns. They are intended to be placed in on-shore aids-to-navigation locations with a minimum maintenance thanks to their high-quality and resistant materials.

Following their delivery, our lanterns were tested by PCG with our agent, M-NAV Solutions. M-Nav Solutions also provided a comprehensive training to PCG staff in the Maritime Security Command on the equipment from MSM supplied over the last few months, demonstrating the operation of the lanterns, how to program them using our software and explaining the guidelines for their maintenance.

marine lanterns msm

Marine lanters MBL400-LD and MBL500-LD

supply of marine lanters

Supply of MSM marine lanters to Philippine

test marine lanterns

Test marine lanterns

Training programm to PCG staff