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LED Lamp for major lighthouses

Published on Wednesday, 22 April of 2015

Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas (MSM) has designed and patented a new LED lamp to be used in glass Fresnel lenses on major lighthouses. With this achievement, LED technology can be applied in all navaids lighting systems.

Previously, the accumulation of LEDs diodes at the focal point made that none of them were on focus, so the result never equated lamps until now. Thermal management was also an added difficulty.

A virtual light source achieves the exact focus point of the lens, thus can take advantage of the whole flux and obtain largest nominal ranges.

In collaboration with the Direçao de Faróis of Portugal, the first unit of the lamp has been installed and tested in the Espichel Lighthouse in a 4th Order lens and a 5rpm rotating speed. The obtained range exceeded the 26 nm.

Through the following link, you may access to the press release issued by the Portuguese Navy on purpose of this trial.


MSM is continuously at the forefront of technology, being a reference in the Aids to Navigation World.


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