CASE STUDY: Increasing the maritime safety at Kirke Narrows (Chile)

Published on Wednesday, 31 March of 2021

The Kirke Narrows is one of the most complex channels that exists for navigation in Chilean Patagonia due to the adverse hydro-meteorological conditions that converge in this area, so much so that over the past 10 years it has been the scene of several major maritime accidents. For this reason, at MSM we are proud to have contributed to improving maritime safety, in an area that meets such difficult circumstances, thanks to our navigation aids systems. And the fact is that this project has allowed us to share our experience and collaborate with Directemar’s maritime signaling experts, as well as with all the specialized staff who were participating in the installation and commissioning tasks of this equipment.

In order to guarantee safe navigation, we designed a system that collects both hydrographic and atmospheric data to transmit them to all users of this geographical point by AIS, radio or satellite. In addition, as a reinforcement to this maritime safety equipment, a MEL500-OSC oscillating sector leading light was installed so that the navigator has the visual information necessary to cross this passage in safe waters. Without a doubt, a reference project in aids to navigation that considers the compilation of all the necessary data and all the means of transmission available for a safer navigation.

Increasing the maritime safety at Kirke Narrows (Chile)

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