Published on Wednesday, 16 February of 2022

General details

Supply                MLL1000 LED lamp

Application        Lighthouse upgrade with high-performance light source

Location            Cabo Mayor Lighthouse, Santander, Spain

Date                    June 2021

Fecha              Junio 2021

Project description

We have addressed the challenge of replacing the metal halide lamp light source with an LED light source that improves efficiency and signal conspicuousness. All this while retaining the bivalve system of catadioptric panels from the French company Barbier, Bernard et Turenne. For this purpose we have used our revolutionary MLL1000 LED lamp, specially designed to be installed in classic glass optics, using the full potential of LED technology without sacrificing optical precision or maximum light output.

Key features of the design

The optical system of the MLL1000 is based on an LED diode that emits a light beam towards a conical reflecting surface located at the bottom of its vertical axis. In this way, a fixed virtual light source is generated that respects the focal point of the original optical system with total precision.

Once again, the selection of the MLL1000 lamp has proven to be a great success. Its installation was successfully completed in just one morning, so that the lighthouse was not out of service at any time. The improvement in signal perception has been evident, as well as its performance. That same night, the city of Santander was able to see a substantial improvement in both the intensity of the light and the precision of the flash

Upgrade Cabo Mayor Lightouse with LED technology

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